Friday, August 26, 2011

Night Market Goes 'Live'

Night Market is now ‘live’ at Amazon. More links on the 'Books' page.

The cover for Night Market is by Jeroen Ten Berge. Besides being very accomplished at cover art and branding, Jeroen is also one of the nicest and most professional people I’ve worked with. I’ve done business in some fifteen countries over the past couple of decades and the way everything went with Jeroen puts him at the top of my list of people I want to keep working with.

I think he came up with a striking cover image for Night Market that focuses on two elements: Veronica Fontera, one of the main characters, and a recognizable Wall Street landmark.

The landmark, though, isn’t the New York Stock Exchange, but rather Federal Hall. It was built on the site of the United States’ first capitol and was originally constructed as a Customs House. But in 1862, Customs moved to a different location and the building was converted to use as a Sub-Treasury. In the days before there was a Federal Reserve and a Fort Knox, millions of dollars in gold were stored in its underground vaults. And it is that very Sub-Treasury building, complete with its statue of George Washington that’s featured in the opening scenes of the book.

The Sub-Treasury building is also situated just across Wall Street from where J.P. Morgan & Co. had their offices until just a few years ago. There’s a famous photograph taken during the Panic of 1907 showing crowds gathered in front of the Sub-Treasury. From the perspective, it was taken from the second or third floor of the Morgan offices and you can see columns on the very left hand side of the image that are part of that building’s facade.

The cover for Night Market mixes beauty and serenity with the suggestion of violence. Jeroen called it ‘Gothic but clean, gritty but with class’ and that phrase accurately captures my intent in writing this book.

I wanted for Night Market to be a different and adult kind of vampire story and I hope I’ve accomplished that.

You can see more of Jeroen's work on his website.

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